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Making Him Mine - Chapter 2

ďRatsí eyes! Why arenít you using ratsí eyes? You sent me for ratsí eyes last time.Ē

ďSpike, last time I was trying to distract you from going, Ďgrrrrí, on me!Ē

ďOh! Well, I want ratsí eyes.Ē

ďSpike, go away. I need to concentrate.Ē

ďNo way, Red, Iím wanna watch. Wanna make sure I get me moneyís worth.Ē

ďYouíre not paying andÖewww, you are SO not staying, I have to close my eyes andÖerrr do stuff, and no way am I closing my eyes when you are in the room.Ē

Shit. ďThis better be good, bint.Ē

ďLook, Spike, this is really very simple. Next time the subject of the spell sees you, they will fall in love with you. OK?Ē

Hmm. I still wanted ratsí eyes.

So, all I have to do is wait for sunset, drive back to LA andÖitís done. Sire loves me again. Iím happy. I guess. Why donít I feel good about this?

I make my way slowly back to the crypt hoping to do a bit of dusting on the way. Feel like some violence, feel the need for pain.

Someone elseís though!


Bleediní chaos demons when you least expect them. Hate friggin chaos demons.

I hit the fuckiní thing in the stomach with me axe and the soddiní creature explodes! It was a total bag of blood and Iím caked in the foul shit. Oh Bloody Hell! I hate my life.

Aní sod it all, I think my wristís broken. And what the fuck is that running down the inside of me leg? Ainít something good. Shit, this hurts.

Oh Bloody Hell. What now?

Why do my frigginí plans never GO to plan? I can sense the poofter waiting for me in the crypt. This is not how I planned it. And if my plans go wrong it should be me fucking them up, not him. I planned big tearful reunion in LA, me moving into the apartment, twenty-four-hour cable being swiftly installed, lots of presents and beer. Not this. Now the momentís here IímÖwhat, afraid? Nah, canít be that. Iím excited, yeah, thatís it. Iím real excited by this. But how will he act when he sees me? What will he do when the spell hits him? Shit, I hope he donít go all poofy on me. Hello Angel. Itís meee. Iím home. Come here poof and act lovey-dovey. Itís me!

Spikeís here. I can sense him outside. Heís hesitating. He knows Iím here. Knows Iím going to stake him.

ďSpike.Ē I move towards him as he comes through the door and I swear I was going to stake him.

OK, I didnít actually have a stake with me, but Iíd have improvised. But I just couldnít do it. Donít know why. I think it was the blood. I suddenly saw the blood. Blood everywhere. It was coating his hair, plastering the spiky blond strands to his head. It had soaked into his clothes. It was flowing out of the bottom of his jeans and pooling on the floor. And it suddenly seemed a whole lot more important that he was hurt and in pain, than it did that Iíd come here to kill him.

ďYouíre hurt, Spike.Ē

OK, this is not a Ďfall-on-your-knees-and-profess-undying-loveí, kinda spell. I can see that. Yep, no falliní on his knees yet. No kissiní, no hugginí. But I can live with this. I can live with the old Sire being worried about me. And I can live with him gently holding my wrist and turning it over in his (sweaty?) hands. Clever bint made a subtle love spell! Well, whatdaya know!

ďTake your pants off, Spike.Ē

OK, spell getting better!

I smirk as I start to unbutton my jeans. Cus itís just occurred to me; the funny thing about love. Love thatís certain, love that canít be broken. Shit, OK! Love thatís fake aní comes out of a potion with an added tuft of hair. Funny thing about love is, I can do anything I fuckiní like and heíll still have to love me!

Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun!

Oh, burn out my eyes that I might not see this. Why didnít I remember? Hell, I was the one who started it. I insisted on it. No bloody undergarments for Will. Will had to be easy access. Well Iím paying for it now. Because three inches from my face, as Iím trying to stem the blood still flowing from the deep gash in his thigh, is Spikeís cock. Swaying. Engorged. And why isnít he even embarrassed? I mean, I know heís the Big Bad and all that rubbish, and itís not as if his cock is something I havenít seen before, but God, natural modesty NOT.

If I slip a bit lower on the couch I might actually bump nancy-boyís hair with it. Yep, easy! Well, I have to give Red her due. This spell is working out just fine. I mean itís only been five minutes and here we are already. Angel bending over my cock, thatís gotta be value-for-money-magic! Bit puzzled why heís so intent on that wound though. Fuck, Iím all for subtle. Subtle could be my middle name. But this is bordering on restrained. Donít want restrained. Want sucking. Want screaming. Want that fucking cable.

ĎSuck me, Angel!í

íFuck. What!í I leap back so quickly I swear I feel my back go. And youíd have to be a two hundred and fifty year old vampire with super human powers to appreciate how quick thatíd have to be.

ĎI said suck me! Come on, we havenít got all night! Itís a long drive back to LA and Iím pretty shagged, mate. Like to get to bed. So get over here and suck me!í

íAlright, Spike. Donít move too quickly. I think that chip thing in your head must be malfunctioning. You may have had a knock on the head.í Why didnít Wesley and I think of this? This is what must have sparked off that 2x4 party last night. I move swiftly over to Spike and ease him back gently till he is lying on the couch. Picking up his blanket I wrap him carefully and sitting down alongside his prone form I lay the back of my hand on his forehead. ĎJust close your eyes and try to sleep, Spike. Iíll stay here. I wonít leave you till youíre asleep. But I need to phone Wesley about this. I donít know what heíll recommend, but I suspect heíll want to examine you, so youíll have to come to LA with me.í I brush my hand over his hair, rubbing my thumb over his eyes, forcing him gently to close them. ĎShhh, just relax, Spike. Youíre safe now.í

Someone remind me to thank Red for this!

Strange foreplay though! But Iím nothing if not experimental. Fuck it, are we playing Doctors and Patients? Cus this is just bloody weird. Not the strange sex play from Angel. Hell, weíve played much weirder games than Doctors and Patients in the past. You should have seen the Noahís Ark gameÖbut well, itís weird that this is almost as good as Angel sucking me off. Just lying here with his hand gently stroking my hair. Feeling his strength as he sits beside me. And, yeah, heís taking me to LA. Taking me home. Did I already say I LIKE this spell? This is getting deep. Pity itís not real.

How did I go from staking Spike to nursing Spike in less than five minutes? I did come here to stake him. I think. I wanted something. Some resolution. Some final reckoning. But being here now, with Spike got me allÖI donít know. I canít describe it. Itís sort of like wanting to get out of my skin. I feel hot. And for a room-temperature demon, itís quite disturbing. I want violence? Blood. His blood?

Now Iím not sure what I want, but whatever it is, it still revolves around Spike. But I definitely did not want his cock in my face.

Alright! Even if I did, I didnít want HIM ordering me to suck it. Iím the Sire, heís the childe. I order him. If I want him to order me, Iíll order him to do it. Thatís how it works. Thatís how itís always worked. So whatís just happened here? And how come Iím lying with Spike in my arms and I can feel his naked body under the blanket and it feels like coming home?

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