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Making Him Mine - Chapter 6

I feel awkward when we meet in the morning. The intensity of desire and passion I felt last night with his body, seems something new and strange in the cold light of day. I donít really know what came over me. I canít believe, looking at him now mooching about the apartment, that only a few hours ago I had my cock and my tongue in him. Iím embarrassed. A few more days of this and Iíll have no one left I can face. Cordelia will probably charge me for therapy for yesterdayís little show.

But Spike seems perfectly normal, quite at ease with the situation. Although, as Wesley pointed out, whatís normal for Spike is usually difficult to ascertain. But heís perfectly normal. Heís chatting to me. Nothing special, just stuff he thinks Iíd want to hear. And heís not making a mess, heís not breaking anything. Itís like a different Spike.

Thought this morning it was gonna be hard to put me salvage plan into operation. Cus I thought I was just gonna get a blowjob last night, nothiní special, had loads of those before. Wasnít expecting the fingers. Wasnít expecting the cock. Definitely wasnít expecting the tongue and the sucking out. Never done rimming before. That was nice. But although my body feels fulfilled and perfectly loved this morning, I feel like shit. Cus it was all false. All the result of a soddiní spell. Hey, Red really is surprising me now. How does she know this stuff! And I donít want the poof like this, if it ainít real. I donít want to know his love is the result of bleediní magic. Thought I did. Donít. I need to leave. I need to go back to the bint and have the spell reversed. He needs to be free. Deserves to be free.

So I just drop the act. Drop the constantly testing him. Drop the trying to make him hate me, so I have a reason to stop loving him. Iím just trying to be normal. For once. Funny really. Iíve spend one hundred and twenty six years trying to get this much attention from him and I achieve it by just fucking shutting up for a while. Iíd call it ironic if I was a soddiní ponce, like tuffy hair. So we feed together, sharing the blood. He potters around, tidying up. I put the TV on. Itís OK. Itís nice. Iím not having to break anything, not having to vie for his attention with the endless stream of other things that have always taken him away from me. Iíve let go. I know the spell worked, Iíve seen itís results. It was a powerful spell and it made him love me, like I thought I wanted. But itís not what I thought it would be. I wanted eternity in his arms and in his heart. And I wanted it for real. So Iíll give it a couple of days, convince him Iím not dangerous or out of control and Iíll go back to my life. Yeah, Iím not lonely. Iím just fine. Iím just peachy.

This is incredible. This is like living with a person I have never met before. I can talk to him without the constant barrage of obscenities and insults. He hasnít called me tosser or wanker or poof or git all day. And whatís even more incredible? Heís making himself useful. Okay, heís not ironing or washing up, but he was pacing around the apartment, examining things when he found the weapons cabinet. And I didnít ask him, he just offered,

ĎIíll clean these for you, shall I, pet?í

And thatís what heís been doing for most of the day. He got them all out. Tested their weight, played with them, killed imaginary demons for a while, and then he put them in a neat pile and systematically cleaned them all. Every curve, every niche, every angle, lovingly smoothed and polished. And me? I just sit here and watch him. I watch the concentration on his beautiful face. I watch how he smiles to himself when one is just as perfect as he can make it. I watch his muscles rippling under his T-shirt when he swirls the blades around. I watch the person I want more than I think I want my redemption.

I last a few hours before I am painfully hard and desperate to find release again in his body. I move to stand behind him as he sits finishing off the last of the weapons. I watch the short blond hairs on the back of his perfect neck. I move in closer so I am pressed against his back. He lifts his head and I can sense his smile as he feels the hard bulge in my pants, pushing against his spine. But itís almost a sad smile, like resignation to something heís not sure he wants. And I donít like that, I want him to want me. Desperately.

ĎLets try them out,í I suggest, picking up one of the swords. His enthusiasm leaps as I knew it would. We havenít done this for over a century. He chooses a sword, too, and we circle each other warily, testing the balance and feel of the weapons. Suddenly he thrusts and I parry, stepping sharply back. He almost catches me off balance with a sweep of his arm, but I twist to the side and roll quickly back to my feet. He grins at me. I suddenly remember why he is here in LA with me, and I fear the results of his chip malfunctioning when he is thus armed. I go into a crouching stance and when he thrusts again I unexpectedly drop my weapon, grab his arm and wrapping myself into his body, wrench the weapon from his hand.

ĎHey, no fair, prick! Thatís my weapon!í

ĎYes, and this is mine,' I say with a grin, putting his now empty hand on my cock.

ĎOhhhh, like the fightiní did we, Angel. Shit, youíre a sick fuck, arenít you?í But I grin and lick his ear, moving my hand in circles on his very prominent cock. It ainít so easy to leave when heís loving me like this. Iíve had nearly a century living on me own with a fucking mad bint for company. And then there was Harmony...Ďnuff said. So I reckon Iím owed this, just for a bit longer. Time to give the poof back some of his own loving.

I keep one hand on his cock, pulling him back more against my chest. The other hand I slide in between us, into the waistband of his sweatpants. I part his ass cheeks and wiggle one finger in to find his hole. Itís too pleasurable not to have a look at too, so I push him over till heís on his hands and knees on the floor and pull his pants right down. I use both my hands now, pulliní him apart frantically to get access to his entrance. Itís beautiful. And virgin territory for me. Angelus would never allow me to take him up the arse no matter how I begged. So this is a first. And do I care at this moment that this is a trick of magic, that by allowing Angelís willing participation to this act, I betray him? Like fuck I do. I want inside that incredible ass. I want to feel his muscles clench around me. I want to pump him full of my seed. I want a little of me left in the poof for when I have to leave. Tomorrow. God, I promise, Iíll leave tomorrow.

So I initiate the act by using my tongue to wet his hole. I play with the slightly rough texture and tight feel. Itís incredibly tight. Itís hard to get even one finger inside him. I need some lube to make this really pleasurable for him. But I donít want to let him up, he might change his mind, remember his Sire role and deny me this opportunity. So I take the first thing that comes to hand.

The warm beeswax makes a thick and enticing cream around his hole as I swirl my fingers through it. Looked good on the weapons, looks good on his hole. Little polish never did anyone any harm! This time my finger slips in with ease. I put the same finger from the other hand in and hooking them to either side of his hole, I pull, hard. He hisses in surprise at this unexpected intrusion, but when I start a gentle rhythm of stretching and relaxing, stretching and relaxing, he arches his ass up in pleasure. When I am sure he is ready, I take one finger out, but start gradually working all the fingers from the other hand in. Itís hard work, and the last one has to be pushed quite hard. Now Iím ready. Iíll never have another opportunity to do this. I place my free hand on the small of his back, and rubbing it around in small circles to reassure him, I slowly start to ease my entire fist into his reluctant hole. He swiftly turns his head to look back at me. Shock registers on his beautiful face, Ďno!í he says with a note of panic in his voice.

ĎShhh, luv. Youíll enjoy it, trust me.í But he has no reference points for this act. Heís never done it or received it and heís not sure. I stop for a moment and just look at him. Iím onto a safe bet here, cus I donít think this spell is going to let him say no to anything I want him to do. But I want him to enjoy it and be ready. He gives an imperceptible nod to his head and I continue the pushing. Before long it happens. My whole fist disappears into his hole. He is incredibly stretched. Far more so that with just a cock. The sensation must be incredible. But not as good as this. I start to move. In and out. Slowly at first till he gets used to the feel, then speeding up till my very knuckles start hitting his prostate gland. I put my other hand around his thigh to get more purchase and start pulling almost right out, then in again, pounding him with this six-inch diameter stretch. I wish I could feel what this feels like, cus it seems to be doiní the trick. He starts howling, in a frantic, deep, animalistic way. It almost hurts my ears, but I donít stop. He takes one hand off the floor and braces himself on the one remaining, using his free hand to tear desperately at his own cock. He is going to cum and Iím going to let him. And with my fist buried deep inside him, he spurts his precious cum out over the polished wood floors. When he is fully spent, I pull out and watch in fascination as his beautiful hole closes over immediately. I lie down on the floor and turning him round, pull him till he is squatting on my hips facing me. Putting my hand into the pool of cum on the floor, I lubricate my cock and pulling him up, impale him hard on me. He is totally lost to the moment. My Sire, my beautiful Sire breaking every vampire lore and riddiní me like a fuckiní jockey in a one horse race. Heís lifting himself up and thrusting down hard, using my cock to find his own pleasure spot. He had no idea this act could be like this. Bet heís wishing heíd done a bit more of this over his fuckiní two hundred and fifty years. What a waste of a perfect, tight ass. I watch his face as he comes to his second orgasm. And when I see just the moment, I let go too. As his seed splashes forcefully and cold on my belly, I feel myself filling him deeply with my own cum. I arch up, just to prolong the moment and impale him that bit deeper. When he comes back to himself he looks down at me, and fuck me, his face is full of love and pleasure. He gives me a very rueful grin and lies his weight down on me, his head tucked in under my chin. I start gently playing with his sweaty, mussed hair.

I wish the sun would break into this room now and fuckiní take us both. Entwined together, so our flames would merge and we would be inseparable for eternity. Cus I have to leave. If I stay any longer I will be trapped within my own spell like some soddiní character in a fairy tale. Iíll go tomorrow. I will. I have to.

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