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Making Him Mine - Chapter 5

Amazing what two bottles of the poof's best reserve port can do to get tow truck smell out of mouth. Doesn't do much for yer balance though. Weird.

But it's time. Drunk or not. Time to initiate Cordelia into some of Angel's less endearing habits. Could tell she weren't too pleased to see yours truly. Oh no, I got the, 'eww, Spike, you are SO gonna cop it if you hurt Angel again.' And he got the, 'hi Angel, are you OK, sorry about the car,' shit. Cus you know what she sees when she looks at him? She sees beautiful, young man in cashmere. She sees clean, fresh, quietly brooding young man. She conveniently forgets he's a demon. Sure, one with a friggin' soul. But the soul don't make all that much difference to two hundred years of demon habits. Believe me.

This is almost too easy. I've just gotta entice the poof a bit. Yer know. Be all irresistible. Now humans have about five soddin' years of being irresistible. Post spots to pre-zimmers. Yep, five years if they're friggin' lucky. So, just as they've learnt how to do it, it's too late to put it into practice. But me? Fuck, I was right there the day Angel turned me. Right at me peak, and I've had one hundred and twenty six years to practice. Oh yeah. So I start the old seduction routine. Ain't hard. I wait till he's doing something real poofy, like unpacking and…

'Can I take a shower, mate? Cus I'm a bit sticky. Can't think why.' ALWAYS take the opportunity to lay a bit more guilt on the ole Sire. Remind him of his sins. Remind him of a certain cock, thrusting an' erupting down a certain vamps throat tonight.

'Of course. But don't be long. Wesley's coming over to talk to you about your chip. And I don't think you should take that bottle ...'

' 'kay.'

Spike seems to have settled down a bit. He's not so out of control. Except for the drinking, of course. That never changes. Perhaps it was living in Sunnydale. Perhaps it all got a bit too much for him. It's good I got him away to LA. A couple of days, get his chip looked at, he'll be fine to let loose again. I can't have him around me like this. I have come so far on this path to redemption and he challenges every step I've made. He is my memories come alive. He makes me come alive again. Too alive. I can't afford that sort of relationship again. I can't afford to let someone in to my heart again. I can't afford to take what I so desperately want to take from Spike. I can't afford to be that happy.

I hear the water running and movement around the bathroom. It's good he's taking an interest in himself. A good sign of healing and…oh. He's come out just dressed in one of my white towels. But it's not that that made me take an unnecessary breath. He's washed his hair and instead of it's usual slicked back, punk look, it's standing up on end and it's spiky and soft and oh…

He is my Will again.

I watch him as he moves around the apartment. Picking things up, looking at them, examining my life, my things. I watch his hands as he brings the bottle to his lips. (Is he really drinking reserve port from the bottle?) He is totally unconscious of the figure he makes. He is perfect. His abdomen is perfectly outlined, each muscle sculptured as if in fine porcelain. His back is so smooth and where it dips into the towel, the hollow is irresistible. I watch him surreptitiously, not letting him see I am following every movement with my eyes. And oh God. I want him so much. I focus on his backside, clearly visible through the wet, tight towel. I can actually feel myself getting hard just looking at its firm, perfect shape. I am desperate to get my cock out and…

I'll just bend over to pick this book up. There, that's better. Have to be tidy, yer know. Shit, me heads thumping. Now, what's it about? I'll lean on the counter to have a look shall I? Jesus, what an easy target the poof is. Not only has he always been a screaming ponce, now he's totally in love with me, too! He doesn't stand a chance really. And now he's nice and hard. No way to hide that, in those pants!

'Err, I'm just going up to see if Wesley's got here yet, 'kay Pet?'

'What?' I am engrossed in imagining myself playing with that perfect body. In my mind I move up behind him where he is leaning on the counter. I lean against his tight, hard backside, letting him feel the hardness of my cock. I put one arm around his waist and pull him even closer to me and slip the other, up under the towel. I feel his own erection, insistent and painful and I...what did he say? I didn't really focus on what he was saying. And then he's gone. And I'm left in the bedroom with a cock so painful, it's making me groan.

So I get it out.

Why shouldn't I? It's my place. There's no one here. Surely it can't hurt my redemption any more than anything else I've done recently?

'Oh Cordyyyyy!'

'What! And don't call me that. It's Cordelia, thank you very much, phew you stink of alcohol and ewwww, get some clothes on Spike!'

'Yeah, whatever. Anyway, the pon…Angel wants you downstairs. Something about a bill for a tow!'

'What! How much! Ohhh, that's being added to your bill, Mister!'

Shall I wait here and give them a little privacy or go listen on the stairs? Whatda you think? I reckon I'll hear pretty well wherever I sit.

'OK, where's this bill then…huuuh…nooooo…oh, Angel, I'm sooo sorry. I didn't know. Spike said you wanted me…don't get up…I mean STAND…you are up already…I mean…don't be embarrassed…we all do it…well, not that way…ewww Angel!…supple!…but…I'm going…for lunch…for the rest of the day…see you next week…oh god.'

Oh, oh, oh, I don't believe it. How can I face her ever again. She walked in on me…it was in my hand…I was…bending…oh god…and licking…and my face…I was thinking about Spike's…SPIKE! She said Spike…


Now, this is odd. This is a whole new level of the love spell and I'm not sure I like this level. Cus love spell has just gone vampy. And how did Red know this kinda shit? More to her, than meets the eye. Cus very sore arm, slightly dented cheekbone and one closed eye is definitely not human sorta love. Nope, definitely hint of vampire here. Oh yeah. This is Angelus' way of showing affection. And not what I had in mind at all. In fact it's pretty totally shit, cus I'm still in the heap on the floor where Angel left me and I can't get up. Cus I think my back is broken. Again. Been here, done this and didn't like it then.

What have I done? I've lost it all now. I couldn't control myself just watching Spike. He had no idea what he was doing, the affect he was having on me. He had no idea when he got Cordelia to come downstairs what I would be doing. How could he? But I hit him. I turned on him as he came down the stairs staggering from the drink. I punched him in the face and I think I broke one of his beautiful cheekbones.

I have to salvage something from this situation. I have to go back downstairs and face him.

I have to persevere for my redemption. Maybe Spike is the trial I have to face to earn my forgiveness. Maybe he's here for me to help, so I can be forgiven for all my sins.

I go back and find him on the floor. This isn't right, I only punched him once. He's a Master Vampire. But as I bend over him in concern, the waves of second hand alcohol fumes wash over me. He's paralytic with drink!

Oh shit he's coming over again. Had enough lovin' now, Mate. Can we leave off the lovin' for a bit?

Oh, 'cept that sort of course. 'cept when you take me in your arms. 'cept when you stroke my hair. That sorta lovin' I like. Oh yeah! Like it when you pick me up and take me to the bed. Like it when you take off the wet towel and tuck me into these incredibly soft, silk sheets. I like all this sorta lovin'.

'You broke me bleedin' back, mate!' I say in a brave but accusing tone.

'Shut up, Spike. You're drunk that's all. If your back was broken, 'that' wouldn't be doing 'that''. I point to the very visible tent in the sheets where his cock is straining against the silk. ' I think we can safely say your most essential nerve functions are still intact'.

'Well, it hurts! You hurt me, mate and I don't see that as a very lovin kinda thing to do. It's not what I did the bleeding sp…it's not what I came to LA for. So, why don't you do something about 'that' doing 'that''.

'Spike, I'm sorry I hit you. I am. But you have still got this all wrong somehow. We are enemies. We are not even going to be friends let alone…oh God!' I don't believe it. He has pushed off the sheet and taken his own cock in one hand and is leisurely stroking up and down its length.

'Go on, mate. What were you saying? Something about not being friends. Go on, I'm listening…honest.'

'Err…ever. We are not going to be friends…we will...' ohhh, he's brushing the soft pad of his thumb over the end, lightly scratching the nail across the slit '…never renew our…' I don't believe it! He's closed his eyes, and is arching off the bed. His hand has speeded up and I can see a bead of precum glistening on the soft, purple tip of his cock.

I'm on a path to redemption. I'm not a saint. I straddle his legs and lean down to lick the glistening bead off, to swirl my tongue around the tip, to remove his hand and place mine in its place.

I open my eyes and look at the tosser sitting on my legs. He's totally engrossed with my cock, as he should be. Powerful things these love spells. Doesn't matter what I do, what he does to me cus of what I do, he still loves me. Could get kinda repetitive really. I mean, what's the point of being utterly irresistible, sex on legs, if you don't get to use it? Don't have to work for it. Kinda loses the fun after a while. No challenge.

All in all, this soddin' spell business has not been the success I hoped it would be. And yer just gotta ask yerself, if it was so fucking good, why don't all the witches have brilliant bleeding love lives? Nah, gone off this plan a bit now. This is a bit too much like marrying the Slayer. Left a nasty taste in me fuckin' mouth for days afterwards. Angel'll be wanting bleeding wind beneath me fucking wings next. Kinda stuck with it for a few days though. Till I can persuade him me chip's OK and get him to give me a ticket home. Think I'll stop the shit. Stop getting him to prove he loves me. After me blow job that is.

In one hundred and twenty six years of sucking Spike off, I have never known him to be silent while I'm doing it. Screaming, shaking, tearing, moaning, swearing, crying, even laughing once or twice. But never silent. Never brooding. Either I'm losing my touch, or he's got something on his mind he's not sharing with me. Just to make sure it's not the first, I stop.

'Hey, soddin' hell, Angel, don't bleeding stop.'

Alright. Got his attention. Staring him in the eyes, I do the thing I think he least expected. I go into game face.

Hello, Angelus. Now this is gonna be fuckin' different!

Licking my lips, I take his legs in my hands and spread them open as far as they will go. I look at the wound on his inner thigh which I tended so carefully last night, now nicely healing. Good. Because I rip it open again with my teeth and lick and suck at the blood pooling there. Then sitting back again I let the blood collect a little before I dip my finger in it and grinning at Spike…

Fuckin' hell, he's pushed his finger into my arse, using me own soddin' blood as lube. And shit, that feels good. I've not done this with anyone since the last time with Angelus. It's been too long. I expect him to thrust his now fully hard cock right into me, but he just sits back on his heels looking at me. Then he loses the game face and the face of the Angel is staring at me again.

'Turn over.' I grin at him. Naked, drunk Spike in my bed. Just too good to refuse. And why should I? If I can't stake him one way, I'll stake him another. He turns on the bed and arches his perfect backside up for my inspection. I pull his cheeks gently apart to see his beautiful and inviting entrance. It makes me instantly hard just looking at it and I plunge my face against him, licking and nipping round the edges. He's moaning now, expecting me to thrust into like the old days. Well, I'm Angel now, not Angelus and I like to take my time about these things. I fall on the bed beside him, noting with amusement the confused look on his face. I can almost hear him asking, 'ain't you gonna fuck me then, mate?' Oh yeah, you can believe that I am 'mate', I just have a different definition of 'fuck' than you do!

I'm lying on my side facing him and he turns with a puzzled expression onto his side. He's about to speak, but I still his mouth with mine. I run my tongue lightly along his bottom lip, seeking entrance. I'm mindful of the bruising on his face, and wary of hurting him further. But he responds immediately and I get a potent taste of port and Spike mixed into my mouth as his insistent tongue probes mine. He puts his hand to the back of my neck to get better access and I am immediately lost to the erotic sensation of his hand on my hairline, in my hair. I mirror his action and for a few minutes all we do is kiss passionately. Every so often I pull away and look intently at him. Initially he is hesitant to look back at me. I think he is embarrassed. The Big Bad is embarrassed to be kissing his Sire! But gradually he returns my looks, sometimes with a shy grin, sometimes with a smirk, but I know he's enjoying this intimacy with me. It turns into a game, me pulling away, him trying to catch my mouth again.

I turn the game up a notch. When he comes back into the kiss, this time I bite into his lower lip, I immediately draw blood, and gently suck and lap at it, deliberately keeping the small wound open. Almost imperceptibly, I bring one finger up to his mouth as I am kissing him and run it across the open wound. Whilst I have him occupied with my mouth and tongue and lips, I move my finger behind him till it is over his entrance. I pull away again, he grins at me about to pull me back into the kiss, when I push my slick finger into his hole. The look of surprise and pleasure on his face almost makes me cum on the spot. I plunge down over his mouth again and at the same time as licking my tongue around the sweet inside, I start to swirl my finger around and thrust it up against his sensitive gland. He nearly bites my tongue off with delight and arches up hissing with the intensity of the feeling. I pull away again to watch his expression and push another finger in. Then shove them both hard and fast against his prostate. He starts an almost keening sound and takes his cock in his hands, pumping furiously. I sense he's about to come and I don't want that at all. I kneel up again and take my other hand off his neck, and before he can protest, I wrap it firmly around the base of his cock, effectively preventing his orgasm. He tries to get it off with his hands, so I thrust my fingers up again, hard, repeating the thumping rhythm. His keening turns to screaming. I pull out my fingers, use my free hand to lift his thighs up and making sure he is looking right at me, I plunge my seeping, engorged cock into his ready and throbbing hole. I know I won't last long now either.

I release his cock and allow his hands to fly back to their ministrations. He is jerking urgently, desperate for the release I denied him. I match his jerking with my thrusts, ensuring I hit that spot every time. On it, around it and on it again.

'Work me, Spike.' I grind out in between thrusts, and he does. He clenches his inner muscles tight every time I thrust in, releasing them as I pull out. It finishes me off. I hear a roar in my head, and it's me, I feel a cold rush in my body, and it's me. I scream as my orgasm hits me, the pumping is incredible, waves of deep pleasure reaching far up my cock into my bowels. When I open my eyes, I see Spike's cock erupting onto his stomach. I grab his hands and entwining his fingers in mine, arch back to place the last of my cold seed deep into his body.

We are both spent and panting deep, unnecessary breaths. My body is still tingling from my release. I move down so I can see his hole, watch the erotic sight of my cum spilling out of him. I can't resist. I bend down and gently lick around his entrance, entranced by the taste and smell of my own seed as it pours over his perfect, hard backside. It's too good to stop. I dip my tongue into his now, slick hole, licking out the cold, viscous liquid I find there, sucking and biting at the edges, sending Spike into a new world of pleasure. He moans in shocked delight at this added intimacy, moving his hands down to push at my hair, trying to embed my tongue deeper and deeper into his body. I turn him slightly onto his side, stretching his thigh over, opening him up further. The rimming has made me almost fully hard again, so without hesitation I thrust once again through the erotic tightness of his hole. He is panting my name, seemingly lost to the moment. I don't last long this time and it's not much, just a sharp, searing jolt of pleasure and my last remaining seed joins that which came before.

Totally exhausted I fall to his side in the bed. I cradle him in my arms, spooning him against me. My spent cock lies softly between us, I can feel my seed still oozing out of him. Exhausted, but insatiable, I take one finger and start gently swirling it around the hole, using the thick, cold cum to lubricate my movements. He starts laughing in a low throaty chuckle, then grabs my hand and puts the wet finger to his mouth. Of all the acts we have done tonight, I find this the most erotic. He gently suckles my finger, tasting my cum. Then when my finger and hand are wet he moves it down to place it on his cock, and with his hand over mine, we bring him to his second orgasm together. As his seed spurts out onto the bed, he cranes his strong, white neck back, caught in the intensity of the feeling. I feel my fangs descend and the in the final act of the night, I take his blood to be mine, as I have taken his body.

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