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Making Him Mine - Chapter 3

Noooo. Too much throbbing. Wrist throbs. Thigh throbs more. Ohhh, cock throbs the most. So why is there throbbing when, if I’m not mistaken, my Sire who is now deeply in love with me is lying on me and he’s not de-throbbing me! But these spells seem to be tricky things. Ordering him didn’t work too well. Guess that wasn’t lovey enough. Now shit. Why didn’t I think of that before. Why a soddin’ LOVE spell. I shoulda ordered a shag spell. Yeah, ‘see me, want me, shag me’. MUCH better. But shit, I’m stuck with a fucking love spell now. Well, I can do subtle! Remember? Middle name? The Big Subtle Bad. Yeah. So, ordering out. Enticing in.

I see a stake in my dreams. It’s languidly moving in and out, in and out. Creating a little puckered hole as it enters, which closes up as it slips back out into the cool air. It’s hypnotic to watch. In and out. Slick and engorged. And I hear a heart beating loudly, blood pounding. And the stake speeds up, becomes frantic and the blood is pouring from the hole and soft tissues tear. Someone is saying my name and the whispered sound matches the thrusting of the stake, ‘Angel, Angel, Angel.’

In that moment between sleeping and waking the choice is made. I don’t care that this is all wrong. I don’t care that this is not what we want or need right now. I don’t care that Spike is not himself, his chip malfunctioning. Because there is no choice for me. I’m so hard my cock is painful in my pants. My dead blood seems to be pounding and the heat I felt last night is still there, making me sweat. I open my eyes to find Spike watching me and I don’t hesitate. I take his face in my hands and almost pressing painfully on either side, say in clear measured tones.

‘This means nothing, Spike. This is just release. It means nothing.’ And with that established I plunge into his mouth with my tongue. I rip at the blanket separating our bodies. I tear at my pants to release my cock. I move up his chest. I straddle him and I place my engorged cock on his bottom lip.

‘You, Spike. You suck me. That’s how this always works.’ And he does. His soft lips slip slowly up the hard length, from weeping tip to root. He grazes his teeth along the veins as he works me. I arch back with a hiss of pain and pleasure and grab his hair with both hands. And the haunting sound of my dead blood starts to recede. The violent impression of the dream starts to fade and I have release in his mouth and I am free of the obsessional need that brought me to Sunnydale.

Jees! I didn’t even get round to enticing! I was just about to do the bottom lip trick. Hell, I was even planning the, ‘fuck-me-now-smirk’, which I don’t use lightly, when this A-1 spell kicked in. Again. So, now I’ve got Angel sitting on my chest, and I’m gently playing with his spent cock in my mouth. And this is just peachy. But what was that, ‘means nothing’, shit? Cor, is he fighting this spell or what? Kinda endearing. Uh huh. So, don’t need to be enticing. Interesting. Original plan just fine. Piss Sire off as much as I like and he’ll still love me. Hum, what shall I do…?

I don’t know which is better, the feeling of utter domination and release when I came in Spike’s willing mouth. Or this. This gentle swirling of his tongue through my slit, this licking up and down the still throbbing veins. And I can’t help it. Under such insistent ministrations I start to become hard again. I shift my weight on his chest and stare into his hypnotic eyes. He’s strangely quiet about all of this. He clearly feels, as I do, that this is just what it is. Nothing more. I’ll take him to Wesley. We’ll try to get the chip examined and when he is back to normal (?) we will go back to the old fighting and hating we are so good at. Because even that is better than the nothingness there would be without it. I’m fully hard again in his mouth and he has changed from soft caresses with tongue and lips to hard sucking and teeth scraping up and down my length. And oh shit this is soooo good. And closing my eyes, I lose myself in the feelings…

‘Ahhhhh. Fuck! Shit! Spike let go! Get off, ahhhh! Christ, Spike! Nooooo.’

Tee hee! Always wondered whether me fangs would go right through. And they did. Waited till I’d sucked his foreskin right up to the top, got a little loose bit, went all grrrr, and…yep punctured right through. Trouble is, I’m a bit hooked up now, and shit WILL YOU STOP THAT SCREAMING! It’s really unmanly. Poof.

I’m desperate, he’s punctured my fucking cock and we’re stuck together. I try pulling free, but I’m not that brave. So there’s nothing else to do, I grab his jaws in my hands and start levering them apart.

Shit, I think the fucker’s broken me jaw, ‘Get off, you fucking caveman. You’re hurting me!’

‘Me! Me! Me hurting you!’ Okay I have got to stop screaming now and get my voice back to broody, dark-avenger level. ‘You just sewed my cock up with your fangs and you’re saying I hurt you. What is this game Spike? I AM YOUR SIRE and you DO NOT bite me. Ever. And especially not on the cock!’

‘Yeah, yeah. You still love me though. So let’s get going to LA shall we?’

I was right. He has become completely deranged. He’s dangerous. Out of control. He doesn’t seem to be able to understand cause and effect. He hurts me. I stake him. He’s not getting it at all. Suddenly I’m afraid. Afraid for the others. Would he try this on Buffy or Willow? If he’s not able to see cause and effect he may forget the pain from the chip and attack one of them. And I can’t allow that to happen.

‘Spike. Pack your stuff. We’re leaving NOW!’

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