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Making Him Mine - Chapter 4

Hey, this is fun. I’m gonna make a list of thing that’ll really piss him off and work me way through it. Yer know? Things he’s kinda fond of. Started with the cock. Always good to start with a winner. Next? Well yer gotta go with what’s handy. Car.

Now I happen to know he fuckin’ loves this car. He’d never admit it, of course, cus that’s just not an Angel thing to do. Admit something gives him pleasure. Allow something to give him pleasure. But I think Angelus had more to do with buying this car than Angel. And you just gotta give it to the ole demon. He’s got style. Now, I’m gonna make it quite clear, here and now. I never intended to actually trash the car. I thought maybe Docs on the dash. Junk on the floor. Hell, even a few minor scratches. Honestly. So I really think Angel’s reaction was a little over the top. Fact, if it hadn’t been for the old love spell, I reckon I’d be dust now. Things started well. Usually I travel light, but seeing he’d been so obliging and told me to get me stuff. I did. Every bit of crap I’ve collected over the years. And most of what you collect in a cemetery ain’t pretty.

‘You can’t bring that, Spike! What is that? That is disgusting. You’re disgusting. Leave it behind. You are definitely not bringing those. They are obscene. And illegal. No, not that. Don’t put it there. Spike, leave it!’

And so it went on. Took me hours to get packed. And then hours of unpacking and repacking. And then, I don’t know, I just got bored and decided to leave it all behind anyway. So I unpacked it all. Again. Seemed to annoy Angel this. Can’t think why. All he was doing was the carrying to the car and back bit. I mean…I am injured!

Now I just know the first thing he expected me to do when we finally got underway was to eject his music crap and put mine on. Well, I’m not THAT obvious. I just kinda toyed with the box for a while. Yeah, I’m good at toying.

I’ve decided not to let him provoke me. He is ill. He is not responsible for his actions. He is helpless and I help the helpless. I lost it slightly over the packing incident. But I have it under control now. Whatever he does, I will remain calm and rational. Hah, he’s going to put his CD in instead of mine. He’s so obvious. Well, I shall just point out that this is my car and I’ll have my music on, not his. What’s he doing? Why doesn’t he just try to put it in? He’s just sort of swirling it around in his fingers, passing it slowly between them, stroking down one side and up the other. He’s just licked his finger and is trailing it down over the edge of the box and massaging his thumb into the…’SHIT!’ The car in the outer lane swerves violently to avoid us as I stray dangerously to the left.

‘Hey watch it, mate! You’ve got precious cargo here. Keep your eyes on the road. Here, I’ll put some decent sounds on for ya, keep you alert!’

'So, what are we gonna do when we get there then, pet? Fancy a club? That’d be fun.’ Tosser almost got me killed, but I’m nothing if not forgiving. Known for it.

‘Do, Spike? We’re not going to DO anything. We are going to LA to try and find someone who can help you. And there is no WE!’

‘Well, it’s usual to show a good time to the object of yer affections, ain’t it? Shit, Angel, anyone would think you don’t love me or something’. Affected sulk is one of my best expressions.

‘Will you shut up with that crap about me loving you, Spike. I don’t even like you!’

‘You’ve a funny way of showing it then, mate,’ and I lay my hand on the very obvious bulge in his pants. ‘I’m taking it this ain’t yer cellphone!’ And that’s when it happened. So you can see it was totally not my fault or my intention to...

‘Fuck, Spike! Your cigarette! You just stubbed your cigarette out on my...oh my God!’




‘You OK, mate?’

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know whether to cry, scream, walk away, stake him or myself. I don’t know. He just stubbed his cigarette out on my pants. Just where the tip of my cock was, the tip he’d recently sliced though with his teeth. And I thought I saw flames. Okay, I accept there weren’t flames. Because I’d be dust if there were. But alright, I panicked! And I’ve just crashed my car. My beloved car.

‘You just tried to set me on fire, you little fuckwit.’

‘Angel! Language, mate, there are Childer present! Ow. Hey! Don’t hit your beloved, pet!’

‘What! What is your problem, Spike? And will you STOP THAT CRAP about me loving you! I’ve reached loath now. I loath you. And what have I ever done to you to deserve this?’

‘Uh huh! Do you want the list alphabetical, or chronological?’

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? He could make a list. And it would be quite long. And every item on that list would be something that gives him the right to hate me. The right to be like this. And my part in this? My part is to endure. My part is to suffer. Through suffering I may earn my redemption. Through suffering I will earn my forgiveness. So I calmly attempt to reverse the car away from the tree and climb out to inspect the damage. The left wing is totally written off. The chassis seems to be intact. I can’t bear the thought of Cordelia’s face when she sees the bill for the tow we’re going to have to get. But I endure.

‘Get back in, Spike. I’ll call for a tow. We’ll just have to wait in the car’.

Fucker’s totally gone on me. I mean, I wreck his car, I burn his cock. Did I put that in the right order of what’ll piss him off more?…hum…yep, wrecked his car, burnt his cock, and he still doesn’t stake me. Shit, this is fuckin’ fantastic. Yer know what I’m gonna do with this list business? I’m gonna continue working my way through the Cs, now, what else can I ruin beginning with C?

'Hi, Cordelia. How’s the acting goin’?’

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