Alphabetical by Author

Adair, Gilbert Buenas Noches Buenos Aires
Ahern, John Brandy Wine
Asche, Jonathan Mindjacker
Augieras, Francois The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Baker, James Robert Testosterone
Baker, James Robert Tim and Pete
Baldwin, James Giovanni's Room
Barriger, Andrew Finding Faith
Barriger, Andrew Finding Peace
Bartlett, Neil Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall
Black, Robert Hard Time
Blue, Ally

Oleander House

What Lies Inside

Braithwaite, L Y Ratz Are Nice
Brite, Poppy Z Drawing Blood
Brite, Poppy Z Exquisite Corpse
Brite, Poppy Z Lost Souls
Brockton, Joseph Every Nine Seconds
Brown, Dan Bristlecone Peak
Brown, PA LA Heat
Brynes, Rob The Night We Met
Burnett, Allison Christopher
Burroughs, Augusten Dry
Campbell, Michael Lord Dismiss Us
Chester, Craig Adam and Steve
Conner, Robert P Cut to the Bone
Connolly, John Every Dead Thing
Connolly, John The Killing Kind
Connolly, John The White Road
Connolly, John Dark Hollow
Connolly, John The Black Angel
Cooke, John Peyton Out for Blood
Cooper, Dennis Blossom At the Mention of Your Name
Cooper, Dennis Closer
Cooper, Dennis Frisk
Cooper, Dennis Guide
Cooper, Stephen Saving Valencia
Corlett, William Now and Then
Courtois, Wayne My Name is Rand
Cumming, Alan Tommy's Tale
Curlovich, Michael The Blood of Kings
Dakota, Dan Rezo Strange
Dickson, Jack Banged Up
Dickson, Jack Crossing Jordan
Dickson, Jack Freeform
Dickson, Jack Some Kind of Love
Dustan, Guillaume In My Room
Fennelly, Tony The Glory Hole Murders
Ford, Michael Thomas Last Summer
Forster, E M Maurice
Fox, John Boys on the Rock
Fraina, Blake King of Cats
Gilbert, Peter Campus Confessions
Gilbert, Peter Sex Safari
Gilbert, Peter The Last Taboo
Gomez-Arcos, Agustin The Carnivorous Lamb
Graves, Rupert Hello Darling, Are You Working?
Grey, Dorrien Calico
Grimsley, Jim Boulevard
Grimsley, Jim Comfort and Joy
Grimsley, Jim Dream Boy
Hale, Keith Cody
Halfhill, Michael Bought and Paid For
Hansen, Joseph Backtrack
Hansen, Joseph A Country of Old Men
Hansen, Joseph Death Claims
Hansen, Joseph Early Graves
Hansen, Joseph Fadeout
Hansen, Joseph Gravedigger
Hansen, Joseph Jack of Hearts
Hansen, Joseph Nightwork
Hansen, Joseph Obedience
Hansen, Joseph Pretty Dead Boy
Hansen, Joseph Skin Flick
Hansen, Joseph The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning
Hansen, Joseph The Little Dog Laughed
Hansen, Joseph The Man Everyone Was Afraid Of
Hansen, Joseph Troublemaker
Hartinger, Brent Geography Club
Haywood, Willaim Native
Helm, Scott Mysterious Skin
Helms, Alan A Young Man From the Provinces
Holleran, Andrew The Beauty of Men
Hollinghurst, Alan The Swimming-pool Library
House, Richard Uninvited
Hunter, M S Buccaneer
Ihimaera, Witi The Uncle's Story
Indiana, Gary Rent Boy
Ingham, Anthea Sebastian's Tangibles
Iversen, Cap Arson
Iversen, Cap Rattler
Iversen, Cap Silver Saddles
Jensen, Michael Firelands
Jensen, Michael Frontiers
Keane, David Initiation
Keegan, Mel An East Wind Blowing
Keegan, Mel Death's Head
Keegan, Mel Equinox
Keegan, Mel Fortunes of War
Keegan, Mel Ice, Wind and Fire
Keegan, Mel Nocturne
Kenry, Chris Can't Buy Me Love
Kent, Chris The Ram Stan Boys
Kent, Chris The Real Tom Brown School Days
King, Francis The Nick of Time
Kluger, Steve Almost Like Being in Love
Kluger, Steve Changing Pitches
Krach, Aaron Half-life
LaBruce, Bruce The Reluctant Pornographer
Lane, Joel From Blue to Black
Lanyon, Josh A Dangerous Thing
Lanyon, Josh Fatal Shadows
Lanyon, Josh The Hell You Say
Lear, James The Back Passage
Lear, James The Low Road
Lear, James The Palace of Varieties
Lear, James Hot Valley
Leavitt, David The Lost Language of Cranes
Leavitt, David The Page Turner
Levithan, David Boy Meets Boy
Lieshout, Ted Van Brothers
Lord, David Thomas Bound in Blood
Lovat, Simon Attrition
Mackle, Elliot It Takes Two
Magrs, Paul Strange Boy
Mandal, Jay The Dandelion Clock
Martin, Douglas A Outline of my Lover
Mastbaum, Blair Clay's Way
Maugham, Robin The Wrong People
McCann, Maria As Meat Loves Salt
McLaughlin, Christian Glamourpuss
McMahan, Jeffrey Vampires Anonymous
Merrick, Gordon Perfect Freedom
Minton, Roy Scum
Monette, Paul Becoming a Man
Moore, Marshall Concrete Sky
Morresette, Keith The Boyfriend
Nava, Michael Golden Boy
Nava, Michael The Little Death
Nava, Michael How Town
Nava, Michael Hidden Law
Neale, Gordon Slaves of Tarne
Olshan, Joseph Night Swimmer
O'Neill, Jamie At Swim Two Boys
Owne, Chris Bareback
Pearson, M J The Price of Temptation
Phillips, Thomas Hal The Bitterweed Path
Pierce, David M Elf Child
Piglia, Ricardo Money to Burn
Pomfret, Scott Hot Sauce
Pomfret, Scott Spare Parts
Porter, Darwin Blood Moon
Porter, Darwin Rhinestone Cowboy
Preston, John Golden Years
Preston, John Hustling
Proulx, Annie Brokeback Mountain
Quinn, Jay Back Where He Started
Quinn, Jay Metes and Bounds
Redmond, Patrick The Wishing Game
Reidinger, Paul The City Kid
Renault, Mary The Persian Boy
Rice, Christopher A Density of Souls
Rice, Christopher Light Before Day
Russell, Paul Boys of Life
Russell, Paul The Coming Storm
Ryman, Geoff Lust
Schiefelbein, Michael Blood Brothers
Schiefelbein, Michael Vampire Thrall
Schiefelbein, Michael Vampire Vow
Schweb, Rochelle H A Different Sin
Seabrook, Mike Full Circle
Seabrook, Mike Out of Bounds
Sims, Ruth The Phoenix
Spanbauer, Tom The Man Who Fell in Love With The Moon
Stevenson, Richard Chain of Fools
Stevenson, Richard Death Trick
Stevenson, Richard On the Other Hand Death
Stevenson, Richard Shock to the System
Stevenson, Richard Strachey's Folly
Stevenson, Richard Third Man Out
Stevenson, Richard Tongue Tied
Summerisle, Christopher The Velvet Web
Sutcliffe, William New Boy
Taylor, Robert Whose Eye is on Which Sparrow
Townsend, Larry One for the Master, One for the Fool
Townsend, Larry The Scorpious Equation
Tyler, Ben Tricks of the Trade
Vilmure, Daniel Toby's Lie
Virga, Vincent Gaywick
Walker, Kate Peter
Warner, D L Demon Under Glass
Warren, Patricia Nell Fancy Dancer
Warren, Patricia Nell The Front Runner
Warren, Patricia Nell Harlan's Race
Yates, Bart The Brothers Bishop
Zebrun, Gary Someone You Know