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Learning To Share - Chapter 11

He takes advantage of my temporary lack of any physical control, to push me face down and now naked onto the bed. He sits on my legs and pins my arms above my head. He's laughing, too, but even without this I can sense a whole new mood in this Spike. He's never taken control like this, never manhandled me. I love it. It's letting go. It's dangerous. It's total trust. In him.

'Spike…' I start to try and tell him how I feel.

'I said, shut up. Poof.' His voice is low and husky. I feel a frisson of excitement trickle down my spine, running into my balls and making my cock hard beneath me. 'We've got a few little scores to settle first, mate. Number one,' and he gives me a playful slap on my backside. Not too hard, but hard enough from a very strong vampire.

'Err…Spike!' He smacks me again, definitely harder. I decide to keep quiet. That hurt.

'Now, I'm gonna let you have the benefit of the doubt that that was a dream, pet.' Oh God. Does he know? 'Cus, I don't really care, mate. What it was. Cus it's brought us here. You and me. Not fuckin' Angelus or Liam or Angel or Will or William or Spike or Hey You. Just you and me. New start, mate. But dream or not, this…' and he slams his whole weight into the smack…'this, is for givin' yerself a bigger dick. And this…' he does it again, only unbelievably hard…'this, is for knocking three inches off mine. And just in case you've genuinely forgotten how big me dick is, this is to get you reacquainted.'

He takes my hot, red, throbbing cheeks, parts them with his strong hands and I feel the tip of his cold, slick cock against my entrance. For all his previous bravado, I can still sense just the smallest hesitation. So I raise myself up and spread my legs wide for him. I turn to look over my shoulder at him.

'My prerogative. Remember?'

He smiles and starts to pull gently at his cock, moving and squeezing the foreskin up and over the tip, milking his beads of precum, slicking them away with his thumb to use as lubrication for this long-awaited, long-desired act. He pushes his moist thumb against my hole, probing, stretching, till I can stand it no longer.

'Spike. Now, please!'

He smiles at me and leans forward, bracing his hands on my hips. Keeping complete eye contact with me, he pushes in slowly. His face is a picture. He looks like he's coming home. Like he knows every inch of my tight passage. He lets out a slow, unnecessary breath.

'Good?' I grin at him. I don’t need a reply; I see it in his face. He closes his eyes, kneels up, throws his head back and starts thrusting in with hard, long, fast thrusts.

I didn't know anything could feel like this. It's total abandonment. I feel totally filled, used, loved. But just as I'm thinking nothing could feel any better, he lifts me up slightly higher, changes his position and thrusts back once more. I gasp in shock. It's like he's hit a button inside me. I feel my balls contracting, pulsing, my cock is throbbing and swelling and he knows. He knows.

He puts one hand around my waist and finds my cock and matches the rhythm of his thrusts. Again, and again he hits this incredible spot inside me. I had no idea. This is any orgasm I've ever had multiplied tenfold. I can hear a light, high keening sound of vampire cuming, and I don't know if it's him or me, or both of us. I feel my cum traveling cold and fast up my shaft and he feels it under his hand cus he leans down and sinks his teeth into my raw backside, ripping and tearing as my cold seed spurts violently through his fingers onto the bed and his seed implants deeply into my willing body.

He collapses on top of me, still in me and starts gently just moving around on my backside, mixing and spreading my blood with his spilling cum over my wounds. Then he gently pulls out and slides down to finish his work with his tongue. He licks the cold, potent mixture from both stinging and bleeding cheeks, then with no hesitation, opens me again and pushes his cold tongue into my puckered, tight entrance. I hiss and rear up with delight. As he gently tongues me, he reaches under and scratches his nail along my perineum. I can't believe it, but I'm getting hard again already. I groan and he laughs, a low chuckle.

'Wanna go again?'

'My turn.'

'OK with me, pet,' and he flips me over and with no other preparation than a deep, loving kiss on which I can taste my blood and his salty essence, kneeling up he impales himself on my cock. With a seductive raise of his scarred eyebrow, he takes himself in his own hand and starts to make a matching rhythm with his rising and lowering. Every time I put my hand tentatively out to touch that swollen shaft or flick my finger nail lightly over the glistening tip, he bats my hand away. His suggestive smirk becomes positively obscene and he starts to run the tip of his tongue over his lower lip. 'Shall I tell yer what I'm thinking…doin' this? Shall I tell you, pet?' He flicks his own thumb lightly over the top then resumes his long, slow, hard strokes. 'We're back in that office again. The Watcher's giving you another little lecture and yer just taking it, so I come up behind you, an' get it out for you an' I start to do this to your cock, while I thrust deep in you, an' he's watching and he stops lecturing you, an' he comes over and kneels down and you put your cock in 'is mouth and I'm deep inside you when I make you pull out and do this all over 'is face an' me hand…' as he says the last words he leans back a bit and his cold seed empties from his throbbing cock into his hand and onto my unresisting face. Then mirroring his own words, he continues his own fantasy…'then I take me hand covered in yer cum and put each finger in yer mouth till I'm clean...' and he puts one finger after another in my mouth. As soon as I taste his cum. I feel a painful tightening of my balls and biting hard on his finger, almost through to the bone, I jerk my hips up as I cum deep inside his slim body.

I suck gently on his badly bitten finger, relishing, as he did, the taste of blood and cum mixed. He has sunk onto my chest and is swirling one finger around my nipple, just teasingly and with no real aim in mind. I don't think he could have done anything else. He's exhausted. But he's not through surprising me, even now, because he suddenly slides off me and pulls me in to a deep, possessive embrace, spooning my back to his chest before placing his injured finger back to my mouth. How long we stay like this I couldn't say. Time rather seems to have lost its meaning in this bed. What was, is no more. What we were, we don’t seem to be. All the old certainties have been swept away. Yet, for all that, I don't really think he is a different person to what he always has been. Only he hid this part of himself well. Or maybe I just never took the time or made the effort to peel away his masks.

I don't think I have ever left so loved, so fulfilled as I do. Right here. Right now.

Won't be catching Wesley's eye for a while though.

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