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Learning To Share - Chapter 14

'Oh, Christ!' I push Spike off onto the floor. He's naked from the waist down with a cock you could hang a flag on. I've got a huge bulge, rather noticeable through my soaking wet pants. Add the blood all over my hair, face and shirt and I don't think we're ready for visitors somehow.

'Go! Somewhere. Anywhere.' I desperately plead with him. I rip my clothes off, hopping to the bedroom as my leg gets stuck in my damp pants. I rip them off and pull on some sweat pants and just make it back to the living room when Wesley and Cordelia arrive.

'Hi! I was training. Spilt my blood. Just changing. What do you want?' Where the hell is Spike? I notice a small trail of blood specks leading into the kitchen, just as his bleached head appears over the top of the counter. He leans nonchalantly on it. He too is shirtless. I prey desperately he has his jeans back on behind the counter screening him and sit down. I think we got away with it. As Wesley starts to raise concerns about some party, I casually move a cushion onto my lap. Can't hide anything in sweat pants. Unfortunately this only uncovers Spike's jeans, which he had obviously tucked there in his flight to the kitchen. That means…I cast an anxious eye over to him. He gives me a cheeky grin and imperceptibly moves his hand down behind the counter.

Oh please. Powers that Be, God, anyone…please don’t let Spike do 'that', naked, ten feet from my employees. If I look away, maybe he'll stop.

'…so Angel. What do you think?'

Oh, God…'sorry Wesley, what did you say? I'm a bit…distracted today. Sorry,' distracted by the tiniest of noises coming from Spike. A sort of low purring. I glance nervously at the others. They can't hear it. I can though. And it's like a Siren call. I feel my own cock rising and swaying. Vampire Childe calling to Vampire Sire. The smell of his arousal is potent in the air. He's staring at me, willing me to look at him. I mustn't. Until I realise I already am. I can't take my eyes off his eyes. His pupils are totally dilated. I can picture his blood soaked hand on his cock. Picture the engorged, purple tip, taste the droplets of precum on my tongue. Oh God, Oh God, if I don’t touch myself I think I'll explode. I shift under the cushion, pressing it hard into me. It's some relief, but not much. Just go. Please, just go.

'Are you alright, Angel?'

'Well, I really need to feed Wesley, and you know how I hate doing that with an audience. I'll be up in a minute. Please,' and thank God, they leave.

He's on the floor before their feet are out of sight. I push him face first into the smooth wooden surface. I raise his hips up slightly, and without any preparation, thrust my aching cock into his tight entrance. He gasps, but pushes back against me, begging for more, deeper penetration. I pull out, ignoring his hiss of anger and pull him up and spread him over the counter.

'Thought that was funny, did you?' and I thrust back in, pinning his wrists down, spreading his legs with mine. 'Pleased with your little schemes, aren't you?' I start an insistent rhythm deep inside his passage. 'Had my lunch disturbed, too, so I reckon I'm owed this…' and with that I bite deeply into his neck, slicing open his skin like a surgeon with a blade. His blood flows into my mouth and I start to thrust harder, desperate to cum to complete the circle of fluids. He's groaning and pushing back deliciously at me. My balls are hitting his hard cheeks sending deep pulses through them. I grab both his thighs and lift him up so his feet are off the ground, so all his weight forces him down onto my cock. I feel myself deep inside him, hitting his prostate gland, hard. He arches back, pressing his neck more forcibly into my mouth, his backside more deeply onto my cock. I have his whole weight now, and that final extra pressure sends me over the edge. I wrap my arms around his slim waist and hold him tightly as I plant my seed deeply into him. When the last of my cold cum is shot into his tight passage, I sink to my knees, keeping both my cock and my mouth still in him.

I feed deeply for another minute or two. Until his blood is deep and has to be sucked hard to access it. Reluctantly I pull away, licking at the large tear in his neck. I'm still in him though. Still gently thrusting in my own cold cum. He is limp and pliable in my arms, so I take advantage of his rare weakness to turn him round so he is sitting in my lap facing me. I'm quite impressed with myself that I stay in him. His neck is still bleeding, so I take one finger and dip it into the precious liquid. I press my finger to his mouth and he sucks on it greedily. He starts to move on my lap, pushing the tip of his urgent erection against my belly. I know exactly what I want now. I stand up and pulling him with me go into the bathroom. Under the stream of hot water from the shower, I suck my Childe off for the second time in under an hour. But I'm full now, full of his blood. I have all the time in the world. So I make it last. By the time I allow him to cum he is practically senseless against me. I swallow his salty, cold fluid and allow his cock to rest in my mouth for a while. It's still semi-hard, even after all our exertions. I chuckle against the soft, moist flesh.

'What?' he says in a very quiet voice. 'What's so funny?'

I pull my mouth reluctantly away. 'Your new employee perks scheme, Spike. Seems everyone gets something but you. Not much of a scheme, is it?'

He leans down and wraps his arms around my head, kissing deeply into my hair.

'You total tosser, Angel. Think I've just been enjoying me first bonus.'

I let Spike stay downstairs for the rest of the afternoon. He needs to feed and rest. Being drained by your Sire can be tough on any Childe, no matter how strong they are. Besides, it makes me stay in a state of constant arousal, knowing he is down there. Waiting for me. In bed. Naked.

It's only later that night, much later, after I have benefited from his earlier rest, and I am lying in his arms whilst he strokes my hair, it is only then I realise what Wesley had said.


'Umm, what, luv?'

'What party?'

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