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Learning To Share - Chapter 15

I knew it wouldn't take long for the poof to get around to the party. Fuck I'm good. Despite having to set me own desk space up…which I think should 'ave been me new employer's job. Despite bringing in me new employee perks scheme and drawing Wes a very clear picture of exactly what his is gonna be. Yeah, good sketch that. Despite shagging the poof every which way but loose all bloody evening, despite all that concurrent activity, I've still 'ad time to plan a party.

Yeah, time Angel Investigations threw a little fund raiser. Gonna invite our grateful, alive, clients. Not all of 'em. That's the good part. Gonna invite just those who ain't fucking paid us yet. Then ole Spikey's gonna do some debt collecting. Gotta attract them to come though, so got me a nice little theme all sorted out…'come as the Demon you really are!' Nice I thought. Lets 'em get into the mood, let go a little.

Course, ain't let the poof in on the fund raising bit. He's too soft, he'll get all weepy and…'I help the helpless,' shit. Well I am helping the helpless too. Us.

Bint knows of course. Gotta have an ally. She's good she is. When money's concerned. She'd make a fucking good vampire. Mean as one now. Wes knows some of it. Not all of it. Not the bits the poof knows. I think. Oh fucking hell, planning at this level's difficult and I've had a bloody long day.

'Spike. What party?'

'We're having a party, mate. Big thank you to all our clients. Standard practice, pet in the corporate business world. Trust me.'

'I do hope that wasn't a snort of derision, Angelus!'

'I don't like parties. I just can't seem to rise to the occasion somehow.'

'Err…seems to me you rose just fine last party we was at!'

'Oh. Yes.'

'So, what do you think of the theme? 'Come as the Demon you really are.'



'Angel! What do you think?'

'Oh, fuck you then.' As much as I like to hear Angel laugh, cus it don't happen all that often, I think he could take me plan more seriously.

Humans sure do have some funny ideas 'bout demons. We've got green ones, blue ones, stupid ones, even a few fluffy ones. No real ones though. I checked. Don't want any agro when I pass the plate around.

I'll let Angel to do his bit for a couple of hours, then bugger off with Wesley. Not literally of course. Cus then I've 'ave to kill 'em. But bugger the figurative fuck off. Then Spike gets to come as the demon he really is!

It's all going real well, too. I've stayed well out of the way, just watching the poof. He's a disaster as usual. How can someone so beautiful be such a total tosser at a party? But he's not even needed in this plan, so don't matter too much. Bint's in her element 'course. Doing a right good job of softening up the lambs before I threaten 'em with the slaughter. As I'm watching the Bint working the floor like a pro, I am totally caught unawares when a pair of strong arms slide round me from behind.

'What are you doing?' he whispers in my ear. I lean back, taking advantage of the shadowy corner I've found for meself to enjoy a quick feel of the poof's very promising bulge.

'Watching you being the life and soul, mate.' I can feel his cock twitch to my hand when I run my nail over the tip. Shit, this ain't in me plan at all. This is gonna ruin everything, cus won't be long before people'll want to go home. Got to get Angel outta the way before that.

'Upstairs now!' he hisses urgently. Oh brilliant timing, poof.

'Err…kinda rude, mate. To leave yer own party!'

'Spike. Upstairs now.' He puts enough pressure on my wrist to remind me of his superior strength. Fuck. This is gonna have to be the quickest shag known to demon. I allow him to pull me towards the stairs. We don't even get to the top. Soon as we're out of sight of the party below he pushes me against the wall. He plants a deep, very tender kiss on my lips. It's so surprising I can't help but hold his face away, so I can see his expression.

'Hey, what's up, luv? What's that for?'

'That's for being gorgeous. You're not the only one who's been watching you know.'

'Fuck off, poof.' I'm not all that angry, I like being beautiful. But I'll be fucked before I admit it. 'I...may I remind you...am the Big Bad. I am NOT gorgeous. I am evil.' But he only responds to this by kissing me again, soft, full kisses that send shivers down my spine, swelling my cock, making me ache for more.

'I love your hair,' and he kisses deeply into it. 'I love your face,' and he repeats his action over my eyes and mouth. 'I love your hands,' and the poof catches up one hand and kisses that, too.

'Are you fucking drunk, mate? Cus you're acting like a tosser. Now get off me,' but he only slides both arms round my waist and pulls me into a deep embrace, just licking and kissing my neck. I try and catch a look at his watch. This is getting serious. Watcher's supposed to be getting 'im to take him off for a couple of hours. Spurious demon hunt. This is a disaster, cus now I'm so hard I urgently need attention.

I grab Angel's hand and pull him up the rest of the stairs into the office. I shut the door and pull the blinds down. I push him against the desk and fall to my knees in front of him. He's huge, with an urgent need for relief. But I gotta fit my needs in, too, so this has gotta be quick. Nothing like deep throating the ole Sire to get him off real quick. I relax my throat muscles and take all ten inches in. I let the tip of his hard shaft rub against the back wall, the tight constriction in my throat pushing his foreskin back. Then I start to move. Fast and hard I move my mouth over his cock, making sure the tip is swallowed each time. He gasps in shocked delight and digs his fingers painfully into my scalp.

'Oh God! Spike. Slow down. I'm going to…' and he does. He cums in a torrent of cold seed in my throat. I don't even need to swallow it, so far down does he manage to implant it. I pull away and stand up, getting myself out. He's in a sort of post-cum shock I think.

'Come on, Angel. On yer knees, pet. Time's a moving. Got things to do.' Bad, evil things. But I ain't gonna tell 'im that. I wave my very painful erection around a bit. Just to make me point. 'Jesus, mate, just suck it will yer.' But I don't believe it. Angel chooses tonight to get inventive. Instead of falling to his knees for a quick blow job he starts to push his pants slowly off. He keeps eye contact with me and there is a definite hint of vampire in that look. I didn't resist that look when I was alive. I sure as hell ain't gonna, now I'm dead. When he's naked from the waist down, he sits back up on the edge of his desk. And…oh shit. He leans back on his elbows and lifts his feet up, effectively giving me an incredible view of his pink, puckered entrance. Incredible view. Better access. I stand in close, so my cock is rubbing against his hole. I pull my foreskin back to expose the tip and rub the soft, purple end over his tiny, rough entrance. I don’t want to hurt him. But I've got nothing to use, to make it easier. But he puts one hand behind my head and squeezes almost painfully on the back of my neck.

'Just do it, Spike. I want you to…I want to bleed.' His voice is low and husky and I am now so desperate to be inside him, I don't think I've have cared, even if he hadn't have been so willing. But he's willing alright. His eyes are dilated and almost feral. He's as desperate as I am. So I thrust into him, dry and unprepared. He tears and the smell of Sire ass blood permeates the air. I rear up in ecstasy and go instantly into game face. Only I can feel the slickness and warmth of his borrowed blood on my cold cock, but it is sensational. But we can both see it. It's the most erotic thing I ever see and I never tire of looking at it. My thick shaft, moving in and out of his stretched hole. But this time there's the added stiffener of the sight of the blood. He sits up slightly so he can watch, too. It clearly has an effect, cus his cock is swelling up again. He catches hold of my hands and puts them to his thick shaft. He leans back on his arms again, watching me thrust into him, and stroke his engorged cock at the same time. I pull him slightly forward on the desk and trust again and that hits the spot. He arches back and cries out, a high, animalistic cry. He's practically lifted his whole body off the desk now, taking his weight on his hands and he's thrusting down as I push up. I feel him coming before me, and I let him. I take a firmer grasp on his shaft and pump his cum out onto his waiting belly. When he is fully spent, I put my hands under his hips and that extra pressure brings me off and I bury my cold seed deep into his body.

After a while he puts his feet back down and sitting up pulls me into a soft, gentle embrace. As I slide out of him, I can still feel the warn lubrication of his blood on my cock. I look him in the eye and see the same thought there as I am having. He pushes on the top of my head, just to make his wishes clear and I kneel in front of him again. Once again he positions himself on the desk to give me access to his hole. It's weeping cum and blood. I put my mouth over the whole area and flick my tongue to and fro over the slick, puckered surface. He hisses and pushes my head harder in, trying to maximize the contact. The taste of his blood is incredible. I take my time. This is too good to rush. I lick all over his thighs, cleaning every drop of precious fluid, returning all the time to the center. Eventually when he is all clean, I finish the job by plunging my tongue into his hole, licking up and down as far as I can reach, till his small tears heal and he is tight and whole again. I sit back on my heels and look up at him, only to find that he has been watching me this whole time. He puts his hand down and ruffles my hair slightly, cupping my face and rubbing his thumb over my cheek bones. He smiles at me. And of all the acts we have done tonight, it's that smile I wouldn’t swap. That smile I wouldn't want to forget. Cus I'm the only one who gets to see that smile. It's all mine. All for me. I catch one of his fingers in my mouth as it passes over my lips. I bite down just hard enough to remind him that I am NOT gorgeous. Just enough to remind him that I really AM evil…even though I'm keeling at his feet like a bleedin' supplicant.

But he only responds by sliding down onto the floor in front of me so we are both kneeling facing each other. And he proceeds to kiss me until I forget who I am. Till I forget where we are. Till I forget quite why I am not gorgeous. Cus he makes me feel like I am.

It seems quite a long time later that I hear the Bint's voice calling me. Our eyes fly open and we start pulling on our pants. By the time she finds us, Angel is in his chair reading and I'm on the couch inspecting me varnish.

She's incandescent with rage. All of it directed at me. It's four in the morning apparently. Apparently they have all gone home. Apparently it's all my fault and where the fuck was I? And do I realise we have just paid out hundreds of dollars on food and drink for them all and they all left. With no Spike collection plate being passed around.

I cast a sly glance over at the poof. Bint's running off at the mouth, don't want the ole Sire to think he's been tricked. That’s not what I'm about these days with 'im. That’s not what we're about.

Oh bloody hell. Angel's just looking at me with a fucking grin so wide I could put me cock in sidewards.

'You tosser. You total tosser. You knew. The fucking wanking Watcher told yer, didn't he. All this,' and I wave vaguely at the desk and the small, damp patch on the carpet, 'all this, has been to keep me distracted?' I storm out, down to the apartment. Cus it's not that he knew. Hell, I can take that. That's just bad planning. Oh no, it's not that. It's that he called me beautiful…but didn't mean it. It's that he kissed me as if he loved me…but didn't mean it. It's that he smiled at me…but it wasn't cus it was me.

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