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Learning To Share - Chapter 13

The first hour wasn’t easy for any of us. Cordelia and Wes were clearly amused by Spike’s appearance in the office so early. He took their jibes calmly, making himself some space on one of the desks. I retreated to my office and left him to it. It was unnerving not being able to see what was happening outside. I tried to concentrate on the mound of paperwork three days out of the office had left me. The sound of laughter, raised voices and furniture moving occasionally drifted in to distract me. But I was determined not to give in and go out to interfere. It isn’t going to be easy for him. Finding a place in my life.

I should have known, though, that Spike would find a way. By lunchtime I’m so starved I can smell the humans’ blood from the outer office. I’ve been drained and active all night and haven’t taken time to replenish. I’m also hard and aching for Spike’s body. Time for the boss to exercise his prerogative again.

I wander nonchalantly out, trying to hide the noticeable bulge in my pants only to find the office semi-deserted. Spike and Cordelia have gone.

‘Where is he?’ I say, trying to hide a note of rising panic in my voice. This is not going well. It's broad daylight. He should be here, inside.

‘He wanted stuff for his desk. So Cordelia’s taken him shopping...under a tarp, don't worry. If I may say so, Angel, I really don’t think this is going to work. Having him here all day.’ Wesley seems rather agitated. I wonder what Spike has been taking about all morning. We are going to have to have a little chat about boundaries. Boundaries between our private life and office life. No way on this earth am I going to explain to Wesley or Cordelia that Spike and I are...are...what are we? Before I can give the problem too much thought, they arrive back with what seems like hundreds of bags. Spike gives me a cheeky grin and dumps them on ‘his’ desk. Desk tidies, a clock, calculator, pens, notebooks, all spill out of the bags. With a triumphant look he hands me the receipt.

‘Cash’ll do, mate. Cordy had to use her credit card for this lot.’

‘Err, and you need all this for...?’

‘Hey, if I’m gonna work in this agency, I want stuff on me desk.’ I make a mental note to check in six months time to see if any of this stuff has actually been used. Somehow I doubt it. But I really don’t want to curb this initial enthusiasm, so I make no comment.


He looks me straight in the eye, then lets his gaze travel slowly and seductively down my body till it gets to my pants. If I had a noticeable bulge before, now I’m actually visibly twitching. Fortunately the others are busy getting coffee, so Spike’s effect on me goes unnoticed. Boundaries definitely need to be discussed. He cocks his scarred eyebrow up.

‘Hungry are you, pet?’ Before he can embarrass me more I head down the stairs, hoping he’s following. I didn’t need to worry. He practically rams me into the couch he flies down the stairs so fast.

‘Spike, I really am hungry. Blood first. Pleaseee.’ But I can’t resist kissing him. I can’t resist just feeling the front of his pants. So then, of course, blood has to wait. He’s as hard as I am. I get him out while he plunders my mouth for more kisses, thrusting his tongue in and swirling it round and round. He’s sprawled on me on the couch, so I pull him up till he is sitting on my chest, he’s struggling to get his leg out of his jeans, making his cock bounce temptingly in front of my mouth. After a few unsuccessful attempts to catch it with my tongue, I grab his hips and pull him fully into my mouth.

They say you should never go shopping when you are hungry. Maybe it applies to sucking Spike off too. I attack his cock with my mouth, running my tongue repeatedly over the tip, desperate for more than the few drops of precum I can taste there. He leans back and starts to rub my cock through my pants. I want to tell him to get me out. I want to remind him this is only lunchtime and that I need these clothes for the rest of the day. But I don’t want to take my mouth from his cock. I don’t want to break this delicious contact. He slides his hand down further between my legs, making me lift them up so he can fondle my balls. He scratches his nail over the tip of my cock as it strains against the soft fabric of my pants. I’m lost to his touch. As I feel the swelling of his thick shaft in my mouth and the powerful spurt of cold cum on the back of my throat, I orgasm and feel my cum soaking through the fabric under his hand.

I milk him utterly dry, desperately sucking for more. Even when he is completely spent I am reluctant to release his soft cock from my mouth. But he pulls out and slides down to lie on me. Avoiding the damp patch, he wriggles for a while to get comfortable. I stroke his hair as he plays with one nipple through my shirt. Time for the boundaries discussion.

‘So, did you have a good first morning?’ A weak but non-committal start.

‘Last twenty minutes were good.’ I can’t help but smile. I thought so, too, but I’m not going to cloud the issue with that now.

‘So, what did you and Cordy and Wes talk about all morning?’ I go for unconcerned, general chit-chat tone to my voice. I don't think he’s fooled for a minute.

‘Staff perks mostly.’ I stop stroking his hair.


‘Yeah, I’m initiating staff perks for everyone. Sort of employee bonus scheme. If we all do really good stuff we get perks.’

Does this actually sound like a good idea? Coming from Spike. Why didn’t I think of this and is this a wind up?

‘Oh. What sort of perks? I can’t afford to pay anyone any more Spike.’

‘Well Cordy’s is time off. Couldn’t work out what she actually does, so didn’t think you’d miss her anyway. Watcher’s is more...complicated.’ I can sense him smirking from here. What’s he up to?

‘Do they like the idea?’

‘Cordy does.'

I wondered why Wesley was looking agitated earlier on. 'Wesley doesn't, I take it?'

'I think the theory went down quite well, it was just the perk he wasn't so sure about,' he's almost gigging at his own private joke. 'You get one too, mate!'


'A perk…' and with that he bounds off me and over to the fridge. When he has heated up a large mug of blood he slides back into his former position on me. I think he's going to pass it to me, and I guess it is a perk, having someone else heat it up for me. But he proves creative with his bonus schemes. Looking at me with his seductive smirk, he takes a large mouthful of the blood and leaning into me, passes it to me from his mouth. The warm, thick, coppery liquid slides over my lips, mixing with the taste of his cum. I'm ravenous. I push my tongue deep into his mouth to lick the walls clean. He pulls away, and takes another drink. I think it would have been good, another sensuous passing of our unlife-giving fluid. But he takes one look at my eager, desperate face, and bursts out laughing. With his mouth full. Blood shoots out like a scene from a bad war movie. It hits my face, soaks my hair and the front of my shirt. He has the grace to look abashed, 'Err, sorry, mate.' He starts to lick the blood from my face, an active apology. I feel his cock rising again against my belly, I've been hard since the first taste of blood in my mouth. Things start getting interesting again and I'm lost to the taste and feel of Spike. Not so lost though that I don't hear the whir of the elevator.

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