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Learning To Share - Chapter 2

Oh, God. What am I supposed to do now? He's dead. He's gonna 'wake up' soon. And then there'll be me. His Sire. And he'll want stuff. Oh shit, he'll want feeding and changing and playing with. And I ain't got time. Got stuff to do. Bad, evil stuff. He'll want to tag along. He'll be rude and break things. Oh God, oh God. Where is his friggin' GrandSire when he's wanted? Angel should be dealing with this. But oh, look at him. I run my fingers through his damp, sweaty hair. He’s surprising this one. Thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. What with me chip an’ all. Tried sneaking up on ‘im when he was most asleep. Thought if he was deep enough, he wouldn’t feel it. So it wouldn’t hurt. So I could. But little lovely woke up at first prick – of me teeth that is. But did he scream? Did he fuck. He took one look at me grrr face and pulled me to his neck, held me there, stretched it back and… moaned. It was ecstasy. Me first warm, wriggling human in over six months. And a human looking like Angel. Tasting like Angel.

If I hadn’t have been hard before, the moaning would have tipped me right over. But even then. Fuck it... this pisses me off. Even then, this pliant, warm, seeping body beneath me. EVEN THEN I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t enter him. He was still Angel, Angelus, God, my Sire. And I just can’t. But... I’m not so sure now. He don’t look so much like Angel now. All dead an’ all. Lying limp in me arms. Should ‘ave buried him really in the garden. Done it properly. Start as you mean to go on. But Angelus held me like this 'til I came round. New. And better. So I guess I wanted to, too.

Shit, I’d better decide what I’m gonna do with him now. Rules. I’d better decided on some rules. No fucking swearing first off. And he’s gonna call me Sire, or Sir. Don’t mind which. ‘Cept when we’re doing stuff... good stuff... then he can call me Master. What else? No hair gel. Leather. Lots of leather. Hey, I might like this Sire stuff. Got me a new toy to play with! Angel toy. What should I call him? Hmm… little Spike? Nah, makes him sound like a toothpick. Little William? Oh… yeah… like that. Billy, I'm gonna call him Billy. Angel'll be pissed when he learns he was called after the rock God himself. And for the first time since I moved to LA, I realise how I've started to think about Angel with every thing I do. Must tell Angel this. Angel'll like that. It's Angel, Angel, Angel, 'til my head pounds with him. My body too. I'm fuckin' obsessed with him. What will I do if I never see him again? If this is all there is going to be.

Oh soddin' hell, I'm even turning into him. I have a childe, and now I'm fucking brooding, too. Right. That's it. NO MORE. I'm gonna get drunk, again… and… err… break something. Yeah. Then I'll… oh, God, I'll have little Bill with me. He'll need feeding straight away.

Oh, now there's a thought. I think I may have just got myself a walking blood donation centre. Oh boy… Billy's gonna catch a little fishy for his Daddy.

'Oh, sodding HELL. How can you have inherited the fucking chip? Try again… oh, sod it. Sod it!' It's a piece of metal! Inherit me stunning good looks. Inherit me piercing blue eyes. Inherit me rapier sharp wit. Fuck it, inherit me fucking sexual prowess. But NOT the sodding chip! 'Put 'im down then. Stop licking 'im.' That ain't gonna get Daddy fed. 'Come ON!'

I don't fucking believe my life sometimes. What have I ever done to anyone to deserve this shit? Cus me little blood supply unit ain't functioning. He can't bite. Like me. Like fucking ME! What sort of weird shit is this? This is NOT funny any more. It was slightly amusing when I saw the Angel boy in the cemetery. It was downright funny when he helped me drain him dry. It's even been a laugh planning all me new rules. But now I'm pissed off, and I want to go home.

Right. We'll have to buy bloody blood. This is shit. Life is shit. Unlife is shit. I hate my life. OK, what can I pawn?

Well, at least the Watcher's got some easy-to-pawn goodies. So, we've got ourselves stocked up on blood and beer. But what now? He's prowling around the apartment, casting evil eyes at the sunlight outside. Hating that he's confined. I sit and watch him from the comfort of the couch. He's incredible. He is Angel. But SO not Angel at the same time. He's far more animated. No soul weighing him down, I guess. He moves quickly, restlessly. He reminds me of someone, but I can't think who.

'I'm bored.'

'Read a book.' Oh God, did I just say that… but this is the Watcher's place, and there ain't much else to do in the way of entertainment.

'Fuck off.'

My jaw literally drops open. 'What? What did you just say to me?'

'What bit of 'fuck off', don't you understand?'

'You little…' and I fling myself off the couch at him, propelling him back against the wall. He's so NOT Angel now. Angel is two hundred and fifty years of honed killing machine. This creature is still almost pliant and soft. I punch one fist lightly into his belly. Not too hard. Just a kinda, 'don't forget this could be a lot harder' sorta hard. 'What did you just say?'

'Fuc…' I punch him again. Harder.


'F…' harder. He doubles up in pain on his knees.


'Sorry, Master.' Oh yeah, liking the sound of that. Oh…and liking the look of that! My Childe is hard…really hard, and he's grinning and licking his lips. Shit! He's smirking at me and undoing me jeans. Who does he remind me of? It's really beginning to piss me off now.

He releases my straining cock and just stares, fascinated. Is this the first time he's done this? Vampire or man? He runs his hands lightly up my shaft, examining every inch…every fucking short inch! He pulls my foreskin back over the swollen end, staring entranced at the glistening tip. He is watching a tiny bead of precum as it appears, hovering in the slit. With a flick of his tongue he captures it. The feel of his mouth so briefly on me makes my knees weaken. He catches me round my hips in his newly strong embrace and plunges me into his mouth. He makes up for lack of experience with enthusiasm. He practically rips the skin off with his teeth, first suck. I hiss and push his mouth away. He looks up at me with those beautiful eyes, saddened now, 'what's wrong, Sire? Don't you like this? Are we not supposed to do this?'

'Err…' shit I really don't want to have to teach him this stuff. I want him to just do it. I mean no one ever taught…oh, but that's not true…they did…he did. Had I really forgotten my lessons from my own Sire? Days together, him showing me, letting me try, correcting me, praising me. Loving me. Teaching me till I was doing it just right for him. Till I had almost become him. It was his investment in eternity.

But I don't have the heart to do it with my Childe. All this isn't real enough. Hell, I don't want it to be real. I want Angel. I don't want to be here in this strange parallel world. But he's looking up at me with such devotion… or is it lust? I can't bear to ignore him.

'It's fine…just don't use your teeth. 'kay, mate? But you just carry right on, pet.' He gives me a loving, cheeky grin and plunges back on with enthusiasm. It's not the blow job of the century. But I close my eyes and picture myself a few weeks ago…before the bad time came. On the couch watching the X Files Movie. Angel coming over to sit with me. Angel asking daft questions about the plot.

'How do I friggin' know what's happening? I just watch it!' Angel laughing at me. Angel putting his hand on the back on my neck and stroking gently. Angel releasing my cock with his other hand and bringing me to an aching hardness. And then Angel, as I watch the images across the screen, Angel putting his head in my lap and engulfing me to the very back of his throat. He made that blow job last the whole of the movie. Stopping when he thought I was too close to coming and biting my belly till the pain made me cry out in ecstasy. Angel lapping at the blood from his teeth marks then swirling it round my tip, playing at decorating my cock with blood. When he thought I was over the crest, he started again. Licking up gently, then plunging down with his strong, talented mouth. Using his teeth to stretch my foreskin tightly back whilst flicking his tongue hard across the tip. After an hour of this I thought I couldn’t feel anymore pleasure, until I felt his finger exploring my tight entrance. He knelt up alongside me on the couch to get more purchase then pushed his finger in, hooking and pulling at the tight muscle. I arched back and groaned and he speeded his mouth up, working two, then three fingers in, ramming them in hitting my prostate each time, thumping my balls with his thumb on each thrust. I grabbed his hair and enjoyed screaming his name as I came in great waves of cold cum, erupting to the very rhythm of his thrusts.

If I remember hard enough, can I go home? Cus that was like being there again. 'Cept I'm not. I'm here and my Childe is gently sucking the last drops of cum from my now, limp cock. I have my hands in his hair. I close my eyes for just another moment, cus his hair is Angel's hair. His mouth is Angel's mouth. When I open my eyes, please make it be Angel again.

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