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Learning To Share - Chapter 12

I'm on number two on me list now. I've sorted the Slayer and now I've shagged me Sire. Can't be bothered with the rest now, cus the rest have all suddenly become redundant. This was all we needed. But I think I surprised him. Fact, I'm not sure which I'd put me money on being the more difficult to do, shaggin' 'im or surprising him. But I've done both.

It's been a roller coaster ride since I got back. Think I was in shock that first night. It felt so real being there…so when I came back here, this didn’t. I kept expecting to leave and go back to where Angel was dead. So I was shook up…ok, I was pathetic. Girls' blouse kinda pathetic. He musta thought his little spell backfired on 'im a bit there. Oh yeah…I know now it was a spell, cus Angel's kinda talkative in his sleep, when he's drained…kept saying he was sorry, over and over.

I'm not. Sorry that is. Don't care what he did, cus it's brought us together. Like this. Told 'im so over eggs. Don't think he was really givin' me his full attention though at the time. He seemed kinda bemused. Didn't even notice he was stark bollock naked. I did though.

I had to hand it to the Watcher. He took it like a trooper. He's gonna have to get used to it. I'm here, and I'm here to stay. Cus Angel wants me. He wants me. He wants me. Think I'll say it again, cus I like it. He wants me. All that pain, all that fuckin' anguish, but he wants me. And if a tiny part of my heart is still broken for a non-existent Childe? It is a very tiny part, cus he's here with me now, in this bed. He was here when I pushed Angel unresisting onto the bed. He was here when I entered Angel's slick, tight hole, he was here when I came over Angel's face and hands. He will be here every time I am the person with Angel, that I was with him. If I've changed, then so will Angel. He's gonna have to learn to let go, lighten up and share his life. He's gotta learn to be dependent on me sometimes. Like…he was. And I won't fail, Angel, like I did my Childe. Cus Angel wants me. He wants me. He's the only person in well over one hundred years who has ever really wanted me. And if there was still a slight hesitation when I saw my Sire's tight, enticing entrance ready for plundering in front of me? Well, Angel's still had over a hundred years of shagging me an' I didn't want to let him down for his first time. But he helped. Oh yeah, just lookin' at me like that. I'd have fucked him for eternity after that inviting look. Fact, that's exactly what I intend to do. And shit was it good. Specially when I hit that spot for 'im. Thought he was gonna explode there and then. Don't matter what happens between us now, how much angst and shit he gives me, I'll always have that picture in me head. My Sire, spread-eagled on the bed, his ass in the air, open and inviting with my thick shaft embedded deep within him.

The intense pain in me finger is lessening now under Angel's soft, gentle sucking. I won't tell 'im he bit actually into the bone. Might upset 'im. Shit, musta been some orgasm. Guess he liked the spanking. Guess he liked me little fantasy. Just know it's gonna effectively make the Watcher less intimidating every time he starts one of those poncy little lectures! Maybe I'll work on old Wes to give it a go for real some day. Sell it as an employee perk!

I hug the poof closer to me and bury my face into his soft hair. It's gonna take some adjustment for both of us, this new start. Cus if I was playing a role, then so was he. He does it all the time. The barriers he puts up to defend himself from the world. He's gonna have to drop 'em with me. Cus if he thinks he's seen needy? He ain't seen nothin' yet. Cus I'm gonna need all of him…all his attention…all his notice…all his concentration. He ain't gonna have time to brood. He'll be too busy being looked after by me. I'm good at lookin' after things. When I want to. Did it for Dru for a fuckin' century.

Shit, so I guess I'll need to start a new list. Like lists. You know where you are with 'em. Might start a new plan too. Like plans. Need to plan how things gonna change. How we're gonna change in this new place we've found for ourselves.

So, lying together in the dark, him sucking my finger, me playing with his nipples and stroking my hand across his smooth belly, I start a new plan. It's gonna be my investment in eternity.

So, I don’t think either of us sleep much this night. I sensed him lying awake in the dark in my tight embrace. Not restless. Calm and content. I never released my hold on him. Every time I woke from a light sleep, I tightened my hold on him. I hold him now. I don't want to sleep. I want to play out in my head my penetration of him. I want to feel again my thick shaft as it slid past his tight entrance for the first time. I want to picture his face grinning at me, a look of pure satisfaction across his beautiful features. I want to enjoy his strong, perfect body as we pass this long night together. But all good things have to end. He will have to get up soon and go to work. As much as I hate it, I know it pays for stuff. Stuff I want. Besides which, we stink. We would to mortal senses, let alone to keen vampire ones. Cum, blood, sweat. Time to surprise the ole Sire again.

I pull away from his lightly dozing figure and go into the bathroom, running a deep, hot bath. When it's ready I go back into the bedroom to find him watching me with, what I can only describe as pure lust on his face.

'Come back to bed. I'm not finished with you yet.'

'Sorry, mate, time to get up.' He couldn't be more surprised if I'd announced I was turning vegan. 'Come on, we don't wanna be late for work, luv,' and I pull his heavy, resisting body out of bed towards the bath. If he thought I was gonna get in with him, he is disappointed, cus I kneel down alongside the tub and picking up a sponge, start lightly washing and rinsing the water over every inch of his body. I start with his feet, working up his hard calves and thighs. I deliberately avoid his swelling cock and swirl the sponge over his tight belly.

'Yep, definitely fatter.'

'Fatter? What do you mean?'

'Nothin', pet. Just thinking of your wishful thinking. Nothing. Go back to sleep,' cus bless 'im, he almost is still asleep in this warm water, under this caressing treatment. I continue up his chest, stopping over each nipple to feel their hard, pertness under the thin sponge. I'm so hard I’m almost denting the side of the tub. I push his head gently under the water and taking a handful of shampoo, scrub it into his thick, silky hair, rinsing and scrubbing, rinsing and scrubbing till it is shinning and slicked back. Now for the best part. I return to his cock. Gently pulling the foreskin back, I wash around the tip, then pull it back up, keep up that cleansing action till I think he's had enough. He ain't sleepy now. Now he's groaning and arching back in the water. He grasps my arm in a very tight hold.

'Get in. Now!'

Sometimes it's best not to argue with yer Sire. Specially when yer about to come all over his bathmat. So I climb in, kneeling, facing him. Not the most comfortable position to shag in, but not the worse we've ever been in either. I take his thick shaft in one hand, holding mine with the other. And I can't resist it, his foreskin is still pushed back, his tip swollen and exposed. It is so easy. I put the end of my cock against his, and pulling my foreskin up, enclose his tip as well. He looks at me as though I were someone he has never known before. And I guess, in a way, I am. Not someone he has ever known. Cus I'd never have dared stuff like this before. I pull back and over his tip and mine, both being stimulated to orgasm by the same friction, the same motions. In a surprisingly agile move, he kneels up too so we are inches from each other as I perform this act on him. He puts his hands up to my face and cupping them behind my head pulls me into a deep and loving kiss. He moves his tongue in my mouth to the same rhythm of my foreskin on his cock. He is insatiable, his mouth wide, his kisses frenzied. As usual under such intense stimulation it doesn't take us long to cum. I feel his cold seed emerge first and the feel of it striking the engorged tip of my cock makes my cum erupt to meet it. By the end you couldn't tell what was mine, what was his. Shared orgasm, shared seed.

He stops kissing me and we just stare into each other eyes. I'm trying to read his expression. I know I can see lust there. I know I can see guilt, I guess that'll always be there. This is Angel, after all. I know I can see love there. But I can also see doubt. Not doubt about my love for him. He knows how powerful that is now. No, there is doubt about how what we have shared here tonight will survive the every day world. He knows we have to go upstairs now. He knows that real life will intrude into this. Our new life. And he is afraid. And he sees that I am, too. But then he smiles. A strong, radiant smile. So I grin back at him. Cus I get it. I get that it don't matter. It don't matter what's up there. Cus we'll be facing it together. And when it's faced? Then we'll be here together. And as I said, I ain't talking laundry or shit, but there's still a lot of stuff I want to share with him down here.

I ain't even started surprising him yet.

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